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About Chris

Chris has been one of the first DJs which brought the brasilian and carebean music to Stuttgart, Germany.

His favor for this kind of music started to raise during his many journeys to the Carebean and South-America
At this time the lust for life and the spontaneity even as the whole atmosphere he found at this places inspired him to broadcats the same at his performances.

Chris DJ Career startet in February 1997 with the founding of the "Fiesta Domingo" in Stuttgarts "Altem Schützenhaus".
From this time on, a lot of hosts booked him to perform at events like "Viva-Afro-Brasil" or the cuban Group  "Soneros de Verdad" (Buena Vista Social Club).

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Pics of Chriskos last Party Boate Brasil + Carnaval 2012

18.02.2012 Carnaval dos Tigres, Römerkastell Stuttgart

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